Prenatal Vitamins for Men

Liquid or chewable prenatal vitamins are obviously designed for expecting mothers and those women who are trying to conceive. However, since prenatal vitamins include various essential vitamins and nutrients the question is can men take prenatal vitamins as well? Can prenatal vitamins provide the same amount of vitamins and nutrients needed by the men’s body for proper functioning?

According to experts, men can benefit from regular multivitamin supplements. However, certain nutrients contained in multivitamins are relatively higher on prenatal vitamins, thus making it beneficial for men as well. Prenatal vitamins can also help men improve any deficiencies on certain nutrients. Then again, it would still be best for men to be familiar with the benefits of prenatal vitamins on their body before consuming them.

Calcium from Prenatal Vitamins

Calcium is helpful in strengthening the bones, especially for women who are susceptible to developing osteoporosis. However, calcium is also important for men as well and men can obtain 200 mg to 300 mg of calcium from prenatal vitamins, and this can already meet their daily calcium requirement. Men aged 71 years old and above should supply their body with 1,000 mg of calcium daily and this should be obtained from supplements and various dietary sources.

Prenatal Vitamins and Iron

prenatal-vitaminsPrenatal vitamins also contain high amount of iron compared to any other multivitamins. This is because expecting mothers need high amount of iron in order to support the child inside their womb. Men, on the other hand, needs 8 mg of iron daily and the iron contents from prenatal vitamins can already supply the needed amount in men, thus making it more beneficial for them.

However, the consumption of prenatal vitamins in men should be properly regulated, as excessive amount of iron could result to liver problems, gastrointestinal disorders and low blood pressure. Physicians may require prenatal vitamins for men suffering from anemia due to kidney problems, cancer or heart disease as well, for additional iron supplementation.

Folic Acid

Can men take prenatal vitamins? Yes they can if they need folic acid supplementation. Prenatal vitamins contain approximately 1,000 mcg of folic acid and men only need 400 mcg of folic acid on a daily basis. This means excessive amount of this nutrient can be dangerous for them. However, men who cannot obtain sufficient amount of folic acid from their daily diet may also be encouraged to consume prenatal vitamins.

Can Men take Prenatal Vitamins? What are the Considerations?

Centrum-Prenatal-VitaminsMost men do not really need to opt for prenatal vitamins to supply their body with the vitamins and minerals they need. Although these prenatal vitamins cannot cause any problem, it would still be best for men to consume multivitamins instead, as these can already provide them the vitamins and nutrients they need on a daily basis. However, there are instances when men might be advised to opt for prenatal vitamins as well.

Men who are suffering from certain health or nutrition problems might be required to consume prenatal vitamins. However, this cannot be done without consulting a physician first. This is to ensure that they are consuming prenatal vitamins, for example Centrum prenatal vitamins, in proper dosage and in a regulated way. This is to make sure that it will not result to any complications or health risks.